As highlighted by the Environmental Protection Agency, waste production is on the rise. This points to an increased consciousness about recycling – in our homes, offices, and even construction sites. Recycling offers us a powerful way to tip the balance in favor of our planet.

At Abe’s Trash Service, we’re committed to making your contribution to this cause easier and more efficient. Our wide range of recycling services includes construction, commercial, and residential recycling designed for the Omaha area.

Choosing Abe’s Trash Service is not just an eco-friendly decision but also a practical one. Our top-notch recycling services significantly cut down on your time and expenses. Forget about making those tedious trips to drop-off recycling centers or sorting your plastics, papers, and metals. With our efficient pickup service and single-stream recycling, we bring convenience right to your doorstep.

Make your recycling efforts count. Trust Abe’s Trash Service, a leading recycling company in Omaha. Together, we can make a noticeable difference for our planet, one recycled item at a time.

What are the Benefits of Curbside Recycling Services With Abe’s Trash?

For six decades, Abe’s Trash Service has simplified your life and protected the environment in Omaha with our affordable curbside recycling pickup. With a commitment to both residential and commercial recycling, we are the trusted recycling company to cater to your needs reliably.

Curious what the benefits of recycling with us are? Here are some of the top benefits to consider:

Spend Less Time Sorting 

We provide single-stream recycling, allowing our customers to put all their recyclables into one bin without sorting. This saves you time from sorting out your plastics, metals, and papers into separate bins, and saves you the stress of accidentally mixing materials.

Recycling Pick Up

Choosing to bring your own recyclables to the nearest recycling facility can cost extra time and gas. Take your positive environmental impact a step further and let us pick up your recycling for you while we’re already making our rounds!

Positive Environmental Impact

There are many ways to cut down on waste, but our recycling services are a straightforward solution. By choosing our recycling pickup, you’re not only extending the life of our local landfills but also conserving energy and precious natural resources. Recycling takes less energy than producing new products and saves irreplaceable resources. Join us in the fight against pollution; our recycling services reduce water and air pollution by making the most of what we already have. Choose Abe’s Trash Service for your recycling needs today.

Help Create A Source of Recycled Materials

Recycling taps into a domestic source of materials, therefore increasing economic security.

Positive Economic Impact

On average, recycling creates nine times more jobs than traditional trash removal. Profits made from selling recyclable materials rather than leaving them to waste in a landfill can be used to help support local businesses and the economy. Choosing a locally owned and operated business like Abe’s Trash for your recycling services is another great way to support your community in the process!

What Materials Can I Recycle?

Acceptable Recyclables:

  • Aluminum and Tin: Rinse containers
  • Aerosol Cans and Paint Cans: Must be empty
  • Paper: Newspaper, magazines, brown grocery bags, telephone books, catalogs, office paper, envelopes, cereal boxes, beverage boxes, frozen food packages, and juice boxes
  • Cardboard: Clean corrugated cardboard boxes or shipping boxes under the bin. Break down or cut the boxes so they are flat
  • Plastic: Rinse out containers. We accept numbers 1 – 7 plastic containers. To recognize look at the bottom of the container for the recycling symbol 1 – 7

Non-acceptable Recyclables:

  • Rubberbands
  • Plastic Bags
  • Soiled Paper
  • Tissue Paper
  • Paper Towels
  • Wax Coated Paper

How Recycling with Abe’s Trash Works

Residential Recycling Services

Instead of throwing recyclable materials in with your trash simply put them in a bin—you do not have to worry about sorting them! Our customers can use an 18-gallon bin or a 95-gallon cart for residential recycling services. Then, place your recycling bin curbside on recycling collection day. That’s it!

Commercial Recycling Services

We will provide your business with a commercial recycling dumpster. Our container size options include 2 cubic yards and 8 cubic yards to meet your individual needs. All recyclable items from the recycling list above can be placed in the dumpster—no sorting required!

Construction Recycling Services

We have outlined below our methods of recycling the different products found on a construction site. We are flexible in our methods and willing to work with you if you have any changes or requests.

Scrap Wood and Pallets Recycling

20-yard | 30-yard | 40-yard dumpster

All scrap wood will be ground into mulch. We are able to keep the wood from this particular job separate. If you would like, we can return it as mulch when you are ready to plant shrubs and trees at the end of the project. When we grind them into mulch, we are able to separate the nails from the mulch. Acceptable wood pallets are 48” x 40”, 2-way or 4-way, no pallets over 6’.

Scrap Steel

20-yard | 40-yard dumpster

All scrap steel will be taken to the recycling plant of your choice, we usually use Alters or Lakeside. The check for the steel will be sent directly to you. We will bill you for the haul and keep track of the weight of each load.

Mixed Recyclables

20-yard | 40-yard dumpster

We are able to take cardboard, aluminum, tin, newspaper, magazines, #1 and #2 plastics, and office paper together in one container. Glass must be kept separate from these materials to ensure that it does not contaminate the other materials.


12-yard dumpster

Glass must be kept separate from all other recyclable products. We will haul all glass to First Star Fiber to be transferred to a processing plant.


12-yard dumpster

All concrete will be recycled or used for erosion control in rural areas.


20-yard dumpster

Drywall will be mixed with yard waste and manure at our compost site. We use the compost as fertilizer in corn fields.

Call Abe’s Trash for Commercial, Construction Site, and Residential Recycling Services in Omaha!

Make a green difference with Abe’s Trash Service in Omaha! Our commercial and residential recycling services are designed to make sustainability a breeze. Last year alone, our recycling pickup diverted 35 million pounds of waste from landfills.

Imagine what we could achieve with your participation! Call us today to join our growing recycling community and elevate your recycling efforts.