About Abe’s Trash Service

About Abe’s Trash Service

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Abe’s Trash Service is a local family owned company in Omaha, Nebraska.

Abe’s Trash Service, a family-owned waste management company with deep roots in Omaha, has earned a reputation for quality and dependability over its 60-year history.

Birth of a Homegrown Omaha Trash Service

In 1955, Abe Christensen faced a challenge in Omaha. His cornfields were dried out, and he had a family to support. He realized that there was a severe lack of trash removal or garbage companies in Omaha, and most residents were resorting to burning their waste.

To address this problem, Abe took the initiative and began a door-to-door trash collection service. This service quickly became a lifeline for the community. Initially, he was unsure about what to charge for his services, so he began with a simple mantra: “pay what you want.” Eventually, a fee system was established, creating one of the first commercial trash services in Omaha.

One of the first Abe’s Trash packer style trucks

A Growing Reputation

Abe quickly gained a loyal customer base who appreciated the significant improvement in local air quality thanks to his waste removal efforts. Even real estate agents wanted to refer new homeowners to Abe’s diligent service. As his reputation grew, so did his business. Abe’s Trash Service expanded to serve several areas, including Omaha, Blair, Fort Calhoun, Bennington, Elkhorn, Valley, Waterloo, and Kennard. He invested in the first of many garbage trucks and his service continued to stand out among other trash companies in Omaha.

Abe hired local help, emphasizing that employees make or break a trash service. He instilled a culture of punctuality and reliability, and some customers still claim they can set their watches by the arrival of Abe’s Trash Service.

Continuing the Family Legacy

By 1959, Abe had moved his operations to Dutch Hall Road, where the company remains today. Although he retired in 1967, the Christensen family legacy continues. Through the hands of John, Abe’s son, and John’s wife, Peggy, Abe’s Trash Service has grown to over 60 employees and operates a fleet of over 40 trucks to ensure continued quality service.

More Than Just a Trash Company

Today, as one of the leading Omaha trash companies, Abe’s Trash Service is proud to offer a comprehensive range of services. From junk and waste removal to recycling services and both commercial and residential dumpster rental, we continue to serve the Omaha metro area with the same quality and dependable service that started back in 1955.

For your home or business needs, trust the proven reliability of Abe’s Trash Service. As a cornerstone of Omaha’s waste management industry, we’re driven by our commitment to our customers and our community.

Residential Trash Service

Not all trash removal companies offer the level of service that Abe’s provides. We offer a variety of service options, such as recycling, bulk pickup/junk haul away, and dumpster rentals for those home renovation projects. Garbage companies should make your life cleaner and easier, and that’s why customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities.

  • Abe’s provides weekly trash and recycling removal services to our customers
  • Trash and recycling carts are available

Commercial Trash Service in Omaha

Businesses accumulate a great deal of trash while running their day-to-day operations, and they need reliable commercial trash service to keep waste under control. Our collection service with disposal may be just what you need to manage your company’s waste. You can schedule exactly the amount of pickups your company needs to eliminate waste products.

  • Abe’s trash company offers dumpster service with front load and rear load style containers from 2 to 8 yards, emptied 1 to 6 times a week
  • Abe’s also offers trash compactors and recycling services to our commercial customers

Omaha Construction Debris Removal

There is almost no job messier than construction. That’s why Abe’s offers our construction rolloff services. We can provide large containers for you to place construction debris in at your convenience, and then when you’re ready, you can call us to come pick it up. We try to think of everything when it comes to waste management to make the lives (and work lives) of our customers easier. Not all garbage companies offer convenient, reliable, flexible construction debris removal services.

  • Abe’s Trash provides 12, 20, 30, and 40-yard construction roll-off containers for easy waste collection service
  • “Green build” services are offered
What items will you not take?

We Don’t Accept the Following

  • Ammunition
  • Fireworks
  • Flammable Materials
  • Paints
  • Oils
  • Tires
  • Batteries
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Hot Ashes
  • Brush and Branches larger than 4 feet
What recyclables are permitted?

Acceptable Recyclables

  • Aluminum and Tin: Rinse containers
  • Paper: newspaper, magazines, brown grocery bags, telephone books, catalogs, office paper, envelopes, cereal boxes, beverage boxes, frozen food packages, and juice boxes
  • Cardboard: Clean corrugated cardboard boxes or shipping boxes under the bin. Break down or cut the boxes so they are flat
  • Plastic: Rinse out containers. We accept plastic container numbers 1 through 7. To recognize, look at the bottom of the container for the recycling symbol 1 through 7.

Non-acceptable Recyclables

  • Rubberbands
  • Plastic Bags
  • Soiled Paper
  • Tissue Paper
  • Paper Towels
  • Wax Coated Paper
Do you continue regular pickup if it's a national holiday?

The following holidays will delay service by 1 day for the remainder of the week: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.