Commercial Waste & Trash Removal

Commercial Trash Services

Abe’s Trash Service has been providing quality, dependable trash removal and dumpster rental services to Omaha area businesses large and small, for over 60 years. We provide flexible solutions made for everyone – including construction trash removal

We have a variety of dumpster sizes and commercial waste management containers available for rent for every situation. We provide regularly scheduled services as well as special, on-demand pick-ups. Our trained and courteous drivers will get the job done right.

Rear And Front Loading

Abe’s Trash Service has both rear load and front load dumpster to fit the size and accessibility of your space. Front loading dumpsters tend to be more compact in size for tight spaces. Rear loading dumpsters require the driver to get out of the truck, decreasing the likelihood that trash will be missed on the ground. Our dumpsters are ideal for commercial or construction trash removal. Not sure which one you need? Call us and let one of our professional account managers help take the guesswork out of choosing.

Trash Compactor Services

Abe’s also offers commercial trash compactor services. If you’re looking to rent a commercial trash compactor, we can help.


We have flexible schedules available and service packages for every business budget and need. We are a family-owned business that has grown with the Omaha area for over 60 years. We can help you choose the optimal equipment, service schedule, and budget to meet the needs of your business.

Let our family-owned business serve yours! Contact us today.

Rear Load

Rear Load Length Width Height
2 yd 43 in 68 in 49 in
3 yd 80 in 68 in 45 in
4 yd 80 in 68 in 50 in
6 yd 122 in 68 in 50 in
8 yd 144 in 68 in 50 in

Front Load

Front Load Length Width Height
2 yd 41 in 80 in 46 in
3 yd 49 in 80 in 54 in
4 yd 57 in 80 in 64 in
6 yd 78 in 80 in 64 in
8 yd 90 in 80 in 75 in