Commercial Waste & Trash Removal


Experience top-tier commercial waste management with Abe’s Trash Services. Pioneering the Omaha region for over 60 years, our commercial trash service promises unparalleled quality, reliability, and comprehensive solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Whether it’s routine commercial trash pickup, adaptive dumpster rental service, or hassle-free construction waste removal, look no further! We also offer innovative commercial recycling solutions, contributing to a greener future. Trust our legacy. Embrace our flexibility. Opt for Abe’s Trash Services today!

Our Commercial Trash and Garbage Collection Services


For top-notch commercial trash service in Omaha, look no further than Abe’s Trash. We understand the vital role of proper waste management for your business. Our dependable and efficient commercial trash pickup ensures your property stays clean, safe, and compliant with health regulations.

Don’t allow waste to accumulate – rely on our comprehensive commercial waste management solutions. With a focus on customer satisfaction and eco-friendly practices, our dedicated team at Abe’s Trash Services is committed to handling all your commercial trash needs. Enjoy seamless service customized to fit your business perfectly. No task is too large or too small for our commercial trash service.


Explore top-tier solutions for commercial waste management through our comprehensive commercial trash service. Our array of dumpster sizes and tailored commercial waste containers effortlessly adapt to any situation. Opt for our regularly scheduled services or convenient on-demand pick-ups to streamline your business’s waste removal process.

Our team of skilled and polite drivers are dedicated to ensuring precise execution every time. Ideal for businesses engaged in construction or demolition projects, our commercial dumpster rental service efficiently eliminates debris of any scale.

Contact us today to arrange your commercial trash service pickups. No matter the waste volume, our commercial dumpster rental service adeptly handles and disposes of your commercial trash. Begin a cleaner, more organized operational journey with us.

Rear And Front Loading Dumpsters

Abe’s Trash Service has both rear load and front load dumpsters to fit the size and accessibility of your space. Front loading dumpsters tend to be more compact in size for tight spaces. Rear loading dumpsters require the driver to get out of the truck, decreasing the likelihood that trash will be missed on the ground. Our dumpsters are ideal for commercial or construction trash removal. Not sure which one you need? Call us and let one of our professional account managers help take the guesswork out of choosing.

Trash Compactor Services For Business

At Abe’s Trash, we also offer services that can help you reduce your business’s waste costs. With commercial trash compactors, you’ll be able to reduce the size of your waste materials. By reducing the volume of your company’s waste materials, you’ll reduce the number of hauls it takes to remove the trash from your property. In doing so, you’ll lower the cost of collection. Along with reducing the size of both soft waste and hard metals and plastics, trash compactors can also create a more odor-free, sanitary environment. If you’re looking to rent a commercial trash compactor, we can help handle the removal of your compostable materials.

Commercial Trash Service Packages for Every Budget and Schedule

At Abe’s Trash, we provide commercial trash service packages tailored to suit any budget and schedule. With over sixty years of experience in the Omaha area, we know the importance of offering comprehensive commercial waste management solutions that meet your specific needs. Our services include flexible scheduling options and expert guidance in choosing the optimal equipment and trash pickup plan to align with your business needs.

Let our family-owned business serve yours! Contact us today.

Rear Load

Rear Load Length Width Height
2 yd 43 in 68 in 49 in
3 yd 80 in 68 in 45 in
4 yd 80 in 68 in 50 in
6 yd 122 in 68 in 50 in
8 yd 144 in 68 in 50 in

Front Load

Front Load Length Width Height
2 yd 41 in 80 in 46 in
3 yd 49 in 80 in 54 in
4 yd 57 in 80 in 64 in
6 yd 78 in 80 in 64 in
8 yd 90 in 80 in 75 in