Construction Recycling

Active Recycling

At Abe’s Trash Service, we’ve become vehemently active in our efforts to recycle and maintain environmentally responsible trash removal services. We’ve even gone so far as to help our customers become active in recycling as well.

Different Methods Of Recycling

Below, we’ve outlined our methods of recycling the different products found on a construction site. We are flexible in our methods and willing to work with you if you have any requests for custom construction recycling services and trash removal.

Scrap Wood and Pallets

20 yard | 30 yard | 40 yard dumpster

All scrap wood will be ground into mulch. We are able to keep the wood from this particular job separate. If you would like, we can return it as mulch when you are ready to plant shrubs and trees at the end of the project. When we grind wood into mulch, we are able to separate the nails from the mulch. Acceptable wood pallets are 48” x 40”, 2 way or 4 way, no pallets over 6’.

Scrap Steel

20 yard | 40 yard dumpster

All scrap steel will be taken to the recycling plant of your choice, we usually use Alters or Lakeside. The check for the steel will be sent directly to you. We will bill you for the haul and keep track of the weight of each load.

Mixed Recyclables

20 yard | 40 yard dumpster

Our construction recycling team is able to take cardboard, aluminum, tin, newspaper, magazines, #1 and #2 plastics, and office paper together in one container. Glass must be kept separate from these materials to ensure that it does not contaminate the other materials.


12 yard dumpster

Glass must be kept separate from all other recyclable products. We will haul all glass to First Star Fiber to be transferred to a processing plant.


12 yard dumpster

All concrete will be recycled or used for erosion control in rural areas.


20 yard dumpster

Drywall will be mixed with yard waste and manure at our compost site. We use the compost as fertilizer in corn fields.

By recycling last year, we kept 35 million pounds of material out of the landfill!