Construction Recycling

Construction Recycling & Debris Disposal

Each year, the United States generates close to 600 million tons of recoverable construction and demolition (C&D) materials. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the largest sector contributing to C&D waste is nonresidential demolition, with the second-largest being residential renovation. Without their proper disposal, these C&D materials not only take up an unnecessary amount of space in our landfills, but they also leak toxic chemicals into our soil and water supply. At Abe’s Trash Service, we do everything we can to ensure these materials are properly disposed of—whether that’s by repurposing scrap wood into mulch or recycling glass and scrap steel.

By recycling last year, we kept 35 million pounds of material out of the landfill!

Abe’s Trash Service provides construction recycling options for contractors with large-scale projects who need construction debris removal. With more and more consumers and companies tuning-in to the needs of our planet, we’re excited to discover what we can accomplish in 2023 and beyond!


Construction debris removal and recycling has more benefits than just conserving space in our landfills and preventing leaking of toxic chemicals. Recycling your construction site’s debris helps to preserve our natural resources by allowing certain materials to be reused in future projects, rather than harvesting or mining for brand new resources. Responsible construction recycling can also reduce harmful emissions that are produced when the gypsum in drywall reacts with bacteria, forming hydrogen sulfide gas at the landfill.

There are economic and financial benefits, too! On top of supporting the creation of jobs in the recycling industry, building owners who choose to deconstruct their building instead of demolishing it could be eligible for tax benefits when materials are donated to qualified organizations. If you’re interested in recycling your project’s waste, the easiest way is to partner with a construction dumpster rental service that offers construction recycling services like Abe’s Trash Service. (Source:

Different Methods of Construction Recycling

Below, we’ve outlined our methods of recycling the different products found on a construction site. We are flexible in our methods and willing to work with you if you have any requests for custom construction recycling services and trash removal.

Scrap Wood and Pallets

20-yard | 30-yard | 40-yard dumpster

All scrap wood is ground and mixed in with yardwaste and manure to be used as compost. We do accept several sizes of wooden pallets 48” x 40”, 2 way or 4 way, no pallets over 6’.

Scrap Steel

20-yard | 40-yard dumpster

All scrap steel will be taken to the recycling plant of your choice, we usually use Alters or Lakeside. The check for the steel will be sent directly to you. We will bill you for the haul and keep track of the weight of each load.

Mixed Recyclables

20-yard | 40-yard dumpster

Our construction recycling team is able to take cardboard, aluminum, tin, newspaper, magazines, #1 and #2 plastics, and office paper together in one container. Glass must be kept separate from these materials to ensure that it does not contaminate the other materials.


12-yard dumpster

Glass must be kept separate from all other recyclable products. We will haul all glass to First Star Fiber to be transferred to a processing plant.


12-yard dumpster

All concrete will be recycled or used for erosion control in rural areas.


20-yard dumpster

Drywall will be mixed with yard waste and manure at our compost site. We use the compost as fertilizer in cornfields.

Other Tips for Reducing C&D Waste in Construction

We understand that it can be difficult to completely eliminate the amount of C&D waste produced during commercial and residential construction projects. However, here are some tips for reducing C&D material disposal:

  • Reuse existing materials
  • Buy recycled materials
  • Preserve existing buildings by remodeling and repurposing
  • Design new buildings to be adaptable
  • Build in a way that facilitates the reuse of materials

Construction Dumpster Rental and Construction Roll-Offs

If you are working on a construction project, you need an efficient method of trash and construction debris removal. Abe’s Trash Service has you covered with construction dumpster rental and construction roll-off options. We offer different sizes of dumpsters to fit the size of the building project. Using roll-off dumpsters is an affordable method of construction debris removal that helps you stay on time and within budget.

Whether it’s trash from a kitchen renovation, demolition debris, or materials from a new home build, Abe’s Trash Service can help you get the job done efficiently and safely with construction roll-off dumpster rental.

Construction Roll-Off Regulations

Before you decide on a method of construction recycling for your project, check the local city and community policies regarding roll-off dumpsters. Some neighborhoods have unique regulations for construction recycling that may affect your decision when it comes to construction dumpster rental. You may also need a dumpster permit from the city before you can begin using your construction roll-offs.

Call Abe’s Trash Service for Construction Recycling

At Abe’s Trash Service, we’ve become vehemently active in our efforts to recycle and maintain sustainable trash removal services. We’ve even gone so far as to help our customers become active in recycling as well with construction recycling and environmentally responsible debris disposal.

Interested in how Abe’s construction recycling and construction material disposal services can help you make your next project more environmentally sustainable? Call us today to learn more!