New To Recycling?

New To Recycling?

Recycling is Easy!

Not only is recycling easy with Abe’s Trash, it’s beneficial for the environment too. Think of how often you use and throw away plastic milk containers, soda cans, and regular copy paper. These are just a few examples. There are so many materials we use and throw away every day that can be recycled! Recycling is a great way to shrink your carbon footprint, and it helps to keep unwanted papers and plastics out of landfills.

Going Green

Recycling is an easy way to make your home a little more green and eco-friendly. Abe’s Trash Service, Inc. makes it even easier because we pick up all of your recyclables at the same time, pick up your recycling bins at your curbside and our customers can use an 18-gallon bin or a 95-gallon cart for recycling.

Set Up A Recycling Service Today

If you’re ready to recycle with Abe’s Trash, we’re ready to get you set up.
Just follow these three simple steps:

  1. If you’re a current customer, just call us to set it up on your account.
  2. We’ll deliver the container to you.
  3. Put all recyclables together in the container; no sorting required!

Recycling is a great way for you to take part in keeping our environment green. Do not know what is recyclable? A list of recyclable materials is available here.

Recycle With Abe’s Trash Service

When you need to recycle, allow Abe’s Trash Service, Inc. to make it easier on you by picking up all of your recyclables. Plastic and cardboard are a few of the items that we recycle. For more information about our recycling services, feel free to call our team today at (402) 671-0568.