Holiday Waste: Recyclable or Not?

Holiday Waste: Recyclable or Not?

De-Clutter By Recycling

The winter holidays bring a lot of fun, and a lot of garbage. While you’re busy cleaning up from all of the fun, you may be wondering what holiday items are recyclable, and which ones belong in the trash. Here’s a basic list to get your new year picked up, de-cluttered and back on track:

Food & Drink

Whether you took part in soda and beer, made your famous green bean casserole, or indulged in a carton of eggnog, aluminum cans, tin food cans and plastic beverage containers are all recyclable. Be sure to rinse out the excess food or drink before recycling. Got empty glass containers? Those can be disposed of in your standard garbage bins.

Gift Wrap

A common mistake people make around the holidays is putting wrapping paper in the recycle bin. Unfortunately, most wrapping papers are dyed, laminated, and contain non-paper additives, which cannot be recycled. This includes those sparkly ribbons and gift bows. Holiday cards, however, are recyclable.


Holiday decorations, such as garland and glass ornaments are not recyclable. Dispose of these items in your standard garbage bins. Damaged light bulbs are also not able to be recycled.

Be sure to keep an eye out for recyclable materials during your holiday festivities!